Reunion 2023

Here's a preliminary survey to judge the level of interest among our classmates in having a reunion in 2023. Yes, that's 60 years since we graduated. Remember when we thought that people 60 years old were old?

Thanks for taking this short survey.

Mark Wieting

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1)   What is your level of interest in getting together for a reunion in 2023?

2)   Would you consider meeting at a location other than the "Greater Metropolitan Lombard" area?

  Definitely would consider
  Depends on where it is
  Would not consider
3)   If a reunion is scheduled for the Greater Metropolitan Lombard area, should it be held:

  During the summer
  During the fall, probably Homecoming weekend
  Doesn't matter to me
4)   If there is enough interest and we decide to hold a 60th, are you willing to help plan the event(s)?

  Yes, definitely
  Yes, if you need a few more people
  I live too far away