Survey: Next Steps 2018

As you can see by the clock on the wall, it's time for another survey, so you can weigh in on such things as a 55th reunion, this web site and anything else that might find its way into this brief but extremely important survey. Let’s go:

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1)   How interested are you in having a 55th reunion in 2018?

  Very interested
  Somewhat interested
  Not interested
2)   If there is a positive response and a reunion is indicated, are you willing to be on a planning committee?

  Very willing
  Somewhat willing
  You'd have to twist my arm
  Not willing at all
  I live too far away
3)   When should a reunion be held?

  Sometime during the summer
  In the fall, coinciding with Glenbard East's Homecoming (date unkown right now)
  Early November, when it's cold in Lombard (see next question)
4)   Where should the reunion be held?

  Lombard area
  Phoenix area
  Orlando or Tampa
  San Francisco
5)   Our last reunion consisted of an informal get together on Friday evening, a tour of the school on Saturday and a more formal dinner on Saturday night at Pheasant Run. What do you think about the schedule? [Choose as many as you’d like.]

  A similar schedule works for me
  Make it all informal--no big dinner; rent a room at Portillo's or something similar
  Include a football game
  Organize a golf outing
  Skip the school tour unless it's homecoming and there are special displays worth visiting
  Skip the school tour altogether
  Other ideas:
6)   Please record any other thoughts about a 55th-year reunion:

  My thoughts:
7)   About this website, upon which there has been little activity in the past year or more:

  I don't post things to the site but I check it from time to time
  I check it or post to it frequently
  I go to the site only when I am prompted by an email
  I almost never use the site.
  If it weren't for these exciting surveys, I wouldn't use it at all
  I never use the site
8)   Should we keep it?

  It's worth keeping even if it's not used frequently; renew it
  Let it go: it's served its purpose (alas, no more surveys!)
  Use a cheaper alternative, like a closed group on Facebook
  Other thoughts:
9)   If the responses to the previous question are generally positive, how do you feel about this: The cost of keeping the site is under $200 for another year, under $400 for three years, around $500 for five years. We have around $300 in our class checking account. To keep it going for another one, three or five years,

  I would be willing to contribute $15-$25
  I would not be willing to contribute
  I won $450 million in the Mega Millions Lottery and I'll pay for the next 30 years.
  Other thoughts: