The Big Little Presidential Survey

Sometime last year we listed every conceivable candidate for both the Republican and Democratic parties. Although we did identify possible candidates for the Democrats as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, or someone else (no one saw Bernie on the horizon), we listed the possible Republicans as:

Jeb Bush

Ben Carson

Chris Christy

Ted Cruz

Lindsay Graham

Mike Huckabee

Bobby Jindhal

John Kasich

Rand Paul

Rick Perry

Marco Rubio

Rick Santorum

Scott Walker

You can see it was constructed before June 16, 2015--before Donald Trump declared his candidacy. If you want to know how you voted and who you thought would win, go back to the Obamacare 2 survey on the website. However, only 12 of you voted, so our sample size was tiny. Marco Rubio was the winner with 5 votes (41%), Jeb was second with 3. 

So here are the candidates we have before us now, in August 2016: 

Democrats:  Hillary Clinton

Republicans:  Donald Trump

Libertarians:  Gary Johnson

Green Party:  Jill Stein

RAMS Party:  Skip Knapp

So this is the updated, short survey to see how well you prognosticate. Please participate! Let's get way beyond 12 responses!

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1)   Who will win the 2016 Presidential election?

  Hillary Clinton [Democratic Party]
  Gary Johnson [Libertarian Party]
  Donald Trump [Republican Party]
  Jill Stein [Green Party]
2)   Who is the most trustworthy candidate?

  Gary Johnson
  Donald Trump
  Jill Stein
  Hillary Clinton
3)   Who is the most tempermentally suited to be president?

  Gary Johnson
  Jill Stein
  Hillary Clinton
  Donald Trump
  None of the above
  I don't know or no opinion
4)   Who will you be voting for?

  Jill Stein
  Donald Trump
  Hillary Clinton
  Gary Johnson
  Not voting
5)   Which party's presidential candidates do you usually support?

  No particular pattern in my voting for president--depends on who's running.
  I prefer not to answer.